Topic: All Things Google and Google Apps
Target Audience: Grades K-12
Presenter(s): KK Knudsen
Date: June 11, 12-3
Description: All Things Google will introduce participants to several free Google Tools, such as Google Docs, Google Earth, Google Scholar, Blogger and more. Emphasis will be placed on how these tools can impact classroom practice. These free web-based collaborative productivity tools provided by Google, will allow you and your students to have access to your documents at all times, on or offline. Explore how you can use PASD Google Apps for Education in the classroom

I. Introduction and Overview of Google

ISTE NETS Standards
Google for Educators

Using Google in the Classroom: Creating accounts, managing information
Gmail form

II. Google Searches

Advance Search
Advance Image Search
Advance Video Search
Advance Scholar Search
Advance Blog Search

III. Blogging and Chatting

Why Blog?
Not just for education
Professional Development and Classroom Use

Blogger.png Blogging in Education Today
Kathy Schrock's Favorite Ed Tech Blogs
Cougar Chronicle
Penn Manor School District
K-12 Education Blogs

IV. Google Docs


Google Docs Video
Google Docs Homepage
Google Docs for Teachers
Teachers and Principals Talk About Google Docs- video
Google Docs Teacher Academy Presentation
Improving the Writing Process with Google
Best Practices
Google Tools for School- Great videos and screencasts about Google Docs
Introducing Google Docs to the Class
Getting Started with Google Docs- Overwhelmed? Try the step-by-step tutorial

Google Templetes- Thousands of pre-made templetes that you can customize and share
Google Forms- Use for parent/student information, data collection, surveys....
80 + Google Forms for the classroom
Google Calendar- Use for classroom calendar, embed in Moodle/Wiki, parent sign-ups...

V. Google Alerts

Get email updates on the topics of your choice: Google Alerts

VI. Google Custom Search

Create a customized search: Google Custom Search
Example: MLA Custom Search

VII. Google Earth, Lit Trips, Picnik

Google Earth- already on iPads!
Google Lit Trips K-12

VIII. Google Apps for Education
Palmyra Google App Login Info:
Login URL
Username: firstname_lastname
Password: (given during inservice)


Using Google Apps at Palmyra
-Administrators: calendars, agendas
-Teachers: classes, parents, newsletters, projects
-Students: class info, collaboration
-Google Drive

Other Resources:
100 + Google Tips
Google Drive